Me? Gongaga.
Guardian Angel



Sephiroth didn’t like the idea of Zack -or anyone for that matter- touching his arm, but it needed to be fixed. 
"Grab my arm and fix my shoulder. It shouldn’t be too hard. For the rest… I’m fine. Don’t mind me. You never did."


Had they not been in a possibly dangerous situation, Zack would have argued. But Sephiroth’s words did ring true, and with a sigh he gently lowered the both of them to the ground.

"Alright man, but just remember this was your call."

More concerned then he was weirded out at the moment, Zack gently stretched the other’s arm out and quickly rolled the bone back in it’s proper rotation, wincing at the resounding pop. Satisfied that he’d fixed the dislocation, he set Sephiroth’s arm down and peered at the ethereal man quizzically. Zack couldn’t quite wrap his head around the strange features his new companion had. Features that made him look otherworldly and beautifully queer. He glanced at Sephiroth’s wing again and took a moment to mull over what little information he’d been given since meeting Sephiroth,

"You said you were an Angel?"

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conseula is fairest.

      “Yeah yeah yeah Consuela. Whatever you say.”

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I’ve decided what to do here, and tumblr roleplaying is just not for me. I gave it a good go, and it just lost its shine. Zack and all of my blogs really. I don’t want to be pressured into replies or roleplays by unfamiliar people, plotting is too slow and or nonexistant, and I just can’t do it here anymore. I was already hella uncomfortable with people being able to read my stuff without the hidden veil of places like AO3 and FF, and I’ve come to dislike it in general. Some of you understand on a more personal level why I don’t like it here anymore, but for those of you that don’t here is your formal explanation. For the few threads I have at the moment, I’m not sure what to do about them, but I’m thinking I’ll suck it up and stay to finish them, much as I don’t want to. Zack’s going to be very inactive. I’m not going to queue things anymore or reblog any memes. I’ll try not to post my art here but I will always advertise my art streams on here for those of you that want to come watch. I’m going to take a long break, focus on getting a job, and move my train over to skype.

Don’t worry, everything I’ve promised to do will be done. I/E drabbles and commissions and rps, just at a very slow pace. I’m in need of counselling and I don’t want to ruin things I cherish and genuinely want to do with my currently sour attitude.

Maybe in time I can bring myself to come back, but hey. It’s like I said. Lots of Zacks around, each one different and interesting in their own way. I know I won’t be replaced, but I can certainly be overshadowed and I do actually feel so. I’m very disappointed I was put up on a pedestal and downright ignored because of my ‘popularity’ and ‘quality’, but the same thing happened to me on my Haku blog so I’m not too surprised. Anyway, enough blabbering. Abandoning of Zack probably permanently. I would delete him but I’ve been asked to keep him up and a few of my other sideblogs are linked to him so I kind of have too. Thanks for everything kids, for the fun we had and the fun we could have had. I’m just not cut out for roleplaying here and am much more comfortable on skype anyhow. You can find me on there! And you’re welcome to ask/befriend me on there. 

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why ride a rollercoaster when you can ride me 

Because rollercoasters can actually make me scream.






That sounds like a personal problem.


"First Cloud and now Genesis. It seems indifference is a common trait among SOLDIERs. Here, Zack. Sit still. I’ll find you some."

      “Thank-KUH you Cecil.”



"Genesis, I’m pretty sure Zack needs water."